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Herringbone Cashmere Throw
$499.00 - $509.00

THE FINEST AVAILABLE THE WORLD OVER IN 100% MONGOLIAN CASHMERE LUXURY THROW,NOW IN SOPHISTICATED HERRINGBONE "MADE IN ITALY" Stretching from Pebble Beach to the Hamptons, a favorite amongst our luxury clientele. The thickest, most luxurious throw weight available in an incredible 380 gram weight. Ideal for warm to cool weather, adjusting with body temperature to provide the most luxurious warmth on the green or at home. Made entirely of 100% PURE SUPERFINE MONGOLIAN CASHMERE, MADE IN ITALY, in 12-micron thickness, unparalleled in thickness and micron diameter for the most supreme warmth! If you've never experienced a blanket comprised entirely of the world's finest and warmest fibers available, you won't believe the difference! Expertly woven and finished in Italy. Three colors.
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