How to choose Beds & Mattresses Dimensions

Having trouble deciding which Mattress Size is right for you? How to choose Beds & Mattresses Dimensions/Sizes & Sheets Sets,Blankets, Comforters,Bedspreads and Duvet Sets to fit your Bed. Duxiana,Sealy,Simmons,Serta, Sleep Number Coil, Air Chamber or 100% Talaya Latex Mattresses

Below are the standard, and most popular non-standard, Bed Mattress Sizes for major manufacturers found in the U.S. including Duxiana (The Dux Bed), Sleep Number, Sealy, Simmons, Serta Bed Mattresses Mattresses. The following are noted as 'Standard' or 'Non-Standard Sizes; please be aware that certain manufacturers do occasionally create other, additional Non-Standard Sizes not listed.

Always specifically ask for exact length and width measurements, from the Mattress Store or manufacturer, before purchasing a new Coil or Latex Mattress. Don't assume ‘they must make Sheets that fit,' as this is often not true. And if there is a Sheet Set made for non-standard sizes, it will often be only through the Mattress manufacturer and limited to one type, one quality.

It is crucial to know your new Mattress Depth/Height before purchase, one of the biggest mistakes consumers make in purchasing a new Bed. Many Mattresses now exceed 18-20” in Depth/Height, with many Mattress stores pushing the concept of these deeper mattresses and selling the idea that ‘bigger is better.' But ‘bigger' can mean the biggest headache you've known. Stores don't tell customers this simple fact: high-quality Sheets and Bedding are simply not manufactured in depths/heights exceeding the 17” range. The maximum depth/height for Luxury Sheets Sets is a recommended 17” with an absolute maximum of no larger than 17.25-17.50”

If you're investing thousands into a new Mattress for a good night's sleep, don't limit yourself to a $60-$100 Sheet Set or force yourself into a position of Custom-Made Bedding to fit your new investment.

Also keep in mind that excellent European or Italian Blankets are available in Sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King (aka Supersize), however this is not true of Sheet Sets. Excellent quality or Luxury Sheets Sets are usually only available only in Sizes beginning with Queen or larger: Queen, King or California King Sizes. If you're investing in a Twin or Full Size Mattress, be aware that Sheet Sets in these sizes can have a very limited selection available and are very rarely available in a Luxury Sheet Set.


CALIFORNIA KING (aka WESTERN KING) COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Standard Size)


DUXIANA CALIFORNIA KING (aka WESTERN KING) COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Non-Standard but Fits Standard Sheet Sets)

KING (aka EASTERN KING) COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Standard Size)


DUAL KING COIL Size Bed Mattresses (Non-Standard Size)


KING SPLIT COIL OR LATEX Size (2 Mattresses) Bed (Non-Standard Size)


QUEEN COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Standard Size)


SIMMONS OLYMPIC QUEEN COIL Size Bed Mattresses (Non-Standard Size)


QUEEN SPLIT COIL Size (2 Mattresses) Bed (Non-Standard Size)


FULL (aka DOUBLE) COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Standard Size)


FULL EXTRA-LONG COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Non-Standard Size)


TWIN COIL OR LATEX Size Bed Mattresses (Standard Size)


SLEEP NUMBER AIR CHAMBERS TECHNOLOGY Twin Size Beds/ Mattresses (Non-Standard Size, Fits Standard Size Sheets Sets/Bedding)




Also used to create KING SIZE Beds utilizing two Extra-Long Twin Mattresses Side-by-Side, particularly in the newer 100% Latex Beds.


SLEEP NUMBER AIR CHAMBERS TECHNOLOGY Extra-Long Twin Size Bed Mattresses (Non-Standard Size)

Also used to create KING SIZE Beds utilizing two Extra-Long Twin Mattresses Side-by-Side