YEAR AFTER YEAR, OUR SPECIALTY CASHMERE BLANKET TOPS THE LIST IN CUSTOMER-RANKED POLLS! Its fabulous good looks definitely don't hurt its fantastic reputation, but even the most stunning looks pale in comparison to this buttery-soft feel. Softness and sheen unparalleled. Our customers agree, they've never felt anything like it-this could just be the next best thing closest to your skin. Ranked #2? The Twin size which ranks as a stunt double in your living room. Our regulars will tell you: once you feel it, you'll want one for every room in your home. Talk to one of our Customer Service experts about how you can save on shipments of more than one of this item. In fact, buy four or more of this item to outfit your home, and you'll pay only for the two heaviest or largest items-the rest of your Cashmere or Merino blanket order will be shipped for FREE. Now that's smart. Need additional details or have questions? Simply call 1-877-42-VENUS.

MADE IN ITALY OF 100% SUMPTUOUS CASHMERE : THE WORLD'S FINEST NOBLE FIBER, FOR UNPARALLELED WARMTH AND SOFTNESS. Expertly woven in Italy and comprised of 100% Superfine Long-Yarn Cashmere. Ideal for year-round use in all zones, excellent for even the coldest of climates in providing unparalleled warmth for your body and bed. Providing unaparalleled breathability, this Specialty Cashmere blanket t is equally excellent for Spring and Summer climates, reaching a point of perfection as a top layer in warmer climates and seasons. This Superfine Specialty blanket, comprised entirely of 100% Superfine Cashmere will make it hard to get out of bed! If you've never experienced a blanket comprised entirely of the world's finest and warmest fibers available, you won't believe the difference! MADE IN ITALY, expertly finished on all sides in a sumptuously soft, 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton 2" jacquard woven border.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE CASHMERE. We know, Cashmere's not one of those fibers you'd probably think of as "average." But with the recent interest in this Noble fiber and its increasing popularity, manufacturers are offering cheap and inferior products in cost-cutting efforts we refuse to take. Utilization of low-grade, short and inferior fibers, or mixtures with coarser, inferior types such as Yak, Camel or Alpaca which highly contaminate Cashmere fibers. In fact, many manufacturers intentionally add these fibers to Cashmere as filler, portraying the addition as good rather than truthful: Yak, Camel or Alpaca inclusion greatly reduce Cashmere fabric q8ality. In fact, such additions result in extreme coarseness, much-reduced luster and sheen, poor durability and stiff drape. Our Cashmere items have no reason to cross the path of Yak, Camel or Alpaca fibers, so you'll find no chance of cross-contamination. In fact, we've taken it 3 steps further. First, our Cashmere is meticulously hand-combed and collected in extremely small batches, rather than mechanically shorn. Second, the fine, valuable batches are carefully hand-sifted for feel then additionally visually checked, for elimination of any possibility of coarser guard or outer hair inclusion. Third, each and every batch is closely scrutinized in a detailed analysis of the fibers, checking for any fiber longer than those comprising the goat's finest downy underside, before weaving is to begin. Start to finish, only the finest materials and techniques are utilized, for the most superior product you'll find. Exquisite detail in every aspect, from the finest fabric and most stunning array of rare colors, to the most superior border and stitch. Pure 100% Egyptian Cotton woven finished borders adorn each edge. Silky soft to the touch, yet designed to withstand years of tugs, pulls and use-all while sustaining its intricate yet supple weave.

SO HOW WILL YOU RANK IT? The feel is sumptuous, making this blanket one of the most perfect things that could ever come next to your skin. The drape is unlike anything you've ever seen, paralleling that of the world's finest garments. The fabric sheen and luster are unlike anything you've seen in a luxury blanket, with the surface casting an ever-present natural shimmer and glow. And, quite possibly your soon-to-be favorite attribute of all, our ultra-large dimensions mean you won't have to share: our Luxury King provides an incredible extra 10" in width-so you have more room for sleep and play. And then there's our micron, the best the world has to offer. With the world's most superior garments ranging at 15-micron thickness, we've upped the ante to surpass it by 3 and take you to the world of dreamland. Consider this tidbit and you'll never go back: our unequaled 12-micron fiber diameter will make this deliciously soft and lofty blanket the love of your life. Ultra-fine 12 micron fabric creates the most lustrous, silky fibers in creation. In the world of microns, less truly is more, and this smooth beauty will capture your heart and soul.