Quick Care Tips:

King or Queen Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Sheet Sets and Duvet Comforter Cover Sets

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  1. How Do I Care for My New Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set or Duvet Set?
  2. Do I Need to Wash or Launder My New Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Sheet Set or Duvet Before Using the Set for the Very First Time?
  3. Is There Anything I Need to do Before Washing or Laundering My New Egyptian Cotton Sheets or Duvet Set?
  4. What Water Temperature is Best to Use When Washing My New Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set or Duvet Set?
  5. What Dryer Temperature is Best to Dry My New Egyptian Cotton Sheet or Duvet Set?
  6. What Type of Laundry Detergent Should I Use or is Best for my New Egyptian Cotton Sheets or Duvet Set?
  7. Your Venus Rising Limited Set is Brand New-
  8. I Want my New Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set to Fit Right: How Deep is my Mattress and How Do I Measure Depth?

How Do I Care for My New Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set or Duvet Set?

Our Venus Rising Limited Specialty Egyptian Cotton sheet and Duvet Comforter Cover Sets are expertly woven to literally last years with minimal care. The best fine linens are designed to last with minimal effort on your part. A few quick tips will ensure your enjoyment, longevity and enhanced durability of your new fine linens. It is important to note that, above all, interior tag instructions of your new Sheets or Duvet should always be placed first and foremost in care of your new Set. Always look for, and follow, tag instructions. Tags however will never provide thorough instructions, and the following is an excellent guide to caring for your new Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Simple tips can extend the life of your new Set by years. While we specialize in Egyptian Cotton Sets, the following guide is excellent for Specialty Bedding products made of Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton or Pure Cotton. Care and launder of your new, natural fiber Bedding is actually quite simple but there are some pitfalls to avoid.

Do I Need to Wash or Launder My New Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Sheet Set or Duvet Before Using the Set for the Very First Time?

This depends where you have purchased the set and who manufactured your new Sheet or Duvet Set. Venus Rising Limited Sheets and Duvets do not need to be washed or laundered before first use. In fact, you can use your new Set right out of the package and it is actually recommended that you do so. We use a special pre-laundering process, far more expensive in production, but we think it's worth it and believe you will too. Our attention to detail means that your new set will be ready to use the moment it arrives to your door. All you have to do is make the bed. Why are our sets different than others you've purchased? You've probably heard that you're always supposed to wash new Sheets or Duvets, or Bedding products, before their first use. This is true of nearly every manufacturer, and the reason for this is twofold. First, most Sets are vat-dyed and the first washing helps remove excess dye that occurred during the dyeing process. Our sets experience a far superior and more expensive yarn-dyeing process which means the yarns are actually dyed prior to weave. The result is far superior color retention that simply cannot be accomplished through any other dyeing technique. Excess dyes through vat-dyeing techniques can be particularly problematic for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. In general, the excess dye also causes increased stiffness of fabric, poor drape of fabric and loss of softness. This type of dyeing process is never used with any of our Bedding products. The pre-laundering process is extremely important for a secondary reason: Egyptian Cotton, and all Cottons for that matter, are natural fibers which will have a certain amount of shrinkage. Our pre-laundering process is done before cut and construction of your Specialty Sheet or Duvet Set, to ensure that fiber shrinkage occurs before your Set is actually constructed. What does this mean for you? Proper fit, and retention of proper fit. Sheet Sets typically need to be laundered to cause the shrinkage process to occur immediately, so that the Fitted Sheet pockets will shrink to the correct size. If you've ever used a new Sheet Set without first washing it, you've probably noticed that the pockets seem roomy or oversized, and don't fit snugly right out of the package. This is because manufacturers actually allow additional room for shrinkage and cut the fabric larger so that the pocket shrinks to the correct size when you first launder the Set. Unfortunately, what often occurs is that the pockets are not sized correctly when they fabric has not been pre-laundered and will usually shrink to a size that causes or allows the Sheet to lift or pop off of the mattress corners. If you've endured this problem, you know how frustrating it is to combat the issue of an improperly fitting Fitted Sheet. Our pre-laundering process means that the shrinkage has already occurred before the set is constructed, to produce a correct fit.

Is There Anything I Need to do Before Washing or Laundering My New Egyptian Cotton Sheets or Duvet Set?

Before you begin, know that it is always best to launder your new Egyptian Cotton Sheets in a separate cycle and without garments in the same load whenever possible, to avoid any possible entanglement of smaller items. Small items, particularly undergarments possessing hooks, etc, can easily become entangled in the large expanse of Sheeting material and such items should never be combined in a single load. While it is typically standard to wash light colors of general loads with other lights, and darks with dark tones, this is a practice that should be avoided altogether with your Fine Linens. Launder your Bedding in a cycle by itself. Your new Arctic Blue shirt that looks so fabulous on you will not be so appealing when transferred to your new white Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set.

What Water Temperature is Best to Use When Washing My New Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set or Duvet Set?

What temperature is best for your Egyptian Cotton Bedding? Extremely hot temperatures can be devastating to Cottons of all types. Cottons are a natural fiber that allows the body to breathe and are the most sought-after and best fibers for Bedding, particularly fine Egyptian Cotton. Because the fibers are natural, they can also be susceptible to extremely hot temperatures. Wash Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Duvets on cool to mildly warm or warm water, never hot. Do not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A good rule of thumb is that, if the temperature of the water feels too warm for your hand to remain under the stream, it's too hot for your Fine Linens. Generally speaking, it's best to utilize cooler temperatures when possible. Always err on the side of safety: if you're not sure whether the water feels too hot, set the cycle to the next temperature down. Use a Gentle cycle, which will not be too rough during both the laundering process or spin cycle. Your Sheets and Bedding do not require the same level of agitation required for regular clothing or work shirts. This is particularly important for 100% Egyptian Cotton or Cotton fibers, which are all natural and become damaged when improperly cared for or washed on too high of temperature. When washing your Sheets or Duvet Set, always avoid chlorinated bleach at all times. While excellent for pools, chlorine is not necessary for linens and can instead be extremely damaging to natural fibers. Chlorine will additionally destroy the integrity of elastic in your Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet, which will render your set useless over time. Though you may not initially notice a difference, chlorine is extremely damaging to natural fibers and particularly with repeated use. Chlorine in chlorinated bleach will destroy Egyptian Cotton and Superfine Cotton fibers, breaking and deteriorating the fibers over time and compromising longevity, drape, sheen and gloss. In fact, use of chlorinated bleach is one of the fastest ways to destroy Fine Linens. Non-chlorinated bleach is safer for your Fine Linens and may be used occasionally, if necessary, with white and ivories however should be avoided on a regular basis. For colors, particularly rich or dark tones, we do not recommend the use of non-chlorinated bleaches.

What Dryer Temperature is Best to Dry My New Egyptian Cotton Sheet or Duvet Set?

Once the wash cycle is complete, tumble dry your Sheet Set on low or on a light air cycle. Be sure to remove your sheets from the dryer promptly at cycle end, or right prior to, dryer cycle finish. Take care not to unnecessarily over-dry your Sheet Set and never use a high heat temperature, as doing so can ultimately reduce surface sheen over time. Whenever possible, avoid fabric softeners. Most consumers are not aware that both liquid and sheet fabric softeners will actually clog the Egyptian Cotton fabric pores, resulting in reduced luster and gloss of your new Sheet Set. The all-natural fibers of your new Sheet Set will "bloom" with use and launder, becoming smoother and softer over time and granting you years of relaxation and enjoyment.

What Type of Laundry Detergent Should I Use or is Best for my New Egyptian Cotton Sheets or Duvet Set?

Ph-balanced laundry detergents are recommended, including fine linen care products especially developed for Egyptian Cotton bedding. Tide, a brand readily available in nearly every grocery store, is also ph-balanced. Do be sure however not to use a combined detergent that incorporates bleach. Woolite is an excellent product and Woolite for Darks has been noted to work well to preserve dark dyes and tones of deep, rich colors. There is speculation however that traditional Woolite, when used in conjunction with whites, may slightly alter or yellow bright white tones. Regardless of the detergent used, always be sure to read and follow the instructions. When caring for Fine Linens, never overuse or exceed the amount recommended by the manufacturer. There are two key problems that can occur with excessive detergent. The most obvious and visible problem is that overuse of detergents can strip or fade colors and richness of dye. This is true for even the finest Egyptian Cotton Sets. Yarn-dyed Bedding, the best dyeing process for Egyptian Cotton Sheet and Duvet Sets, holds dye far better than less expensive vat-dyed Bedding products. Regardless, overuse of detergent can negatively affect both types of dyeing processes. You may not immediately notice the difference however prolonged use of too much detergent in each cycle will cause loss of richness in tone. Just as important however is a lesser-known problem that can occur. Too much detergent, particularly when used on a prolonged or frequent basis, can cause build-up or residue. Essentially, the detergent can become trapped in natural Egyptian Cotton or Cotton fibers, unable to be thoroughly rinsed by the washer when used in large amounts. When trapped in the fibers, unrinsed detergent can eventually compromise the fibers and surface, causing stickiness or stiffness in the Egyptian Cotton. Over time, soap residue which continuously remains and is repeatedly dried into the Egyptian Cotton fibers can attract oils and dirt that would normally be repeled.

Your Venus Rising Limited Set is Brand New-

For us, there is no other option. Your brand-new Sheet Set, Duvet Set and Luxury Bedding is ready to be enjoyed, right out of the package. You'll receive years of enjoyment from your new Venus Rising Limited Specialty specialty Bedding. Unlike other manufacturers who use heavy dyeing techniques, our employment of natural yarn dyeing techniques, or absence of dyes, means your item arrives to you ready to enjoy and with no need for pre-laundering on your part. Simply open the package and enjoy!

I Want my New Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set to Fit Right: How Deep is my Mattress and How Do I Measure Depth?

It's important to know your Mattress Depth in order to ensure proper fit of your new Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. This process is as simple as grabbing the closest ruler, but will save you the stress of ordering an incorrect size. Don't simply assume that any set will fit your specific Mattress. Our Specialty Sheets are designed to fit a range of Mattresses for ease. Be aware however that Mattress manufacturers create different mattress depths, most of which are standard Luxury depths but a few of which can be extremely deep. The Bedding accessories you personally use with your Mattress can also make a difference. Actual measurement is quick and simple, an essential step if you are anything but absolutely positive as to your Mattress Depth Size. Position yourself at the corner of your bed, placing the end of the ruler vertically at the corner, with ruler end beginning at the Box Spring or Platform where the Mattress begins. The corner is the easiest location for accurate measurement. Be absolutely sure to include any Mattress Topper or plush Mattress Pad you may be using or intend to use. Toppers or Mattress Pads can add up to 2" additional in vertical height or depth, and must be taken into account to ensure proper fit. You'll find that each of our Speciatly Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets lists a maximum Fitted Sheet depth that will be clearly listed in inches. Your mattress must be equal to, or less than the depth listed, to ensure proper fit. While most of our Sets are designed to fit nearly all Mattresses, those Mattresses exceeding 17" to 18" inches in depth often require Specialty Ultra-Deep Pocket Sheets. We do specialize in the world's finest Luxury Sheet Sets available and can assist you in locating the Set you need. Please be aware that Mattresses exceeding 18 inches do require Ultra-Deep Pocket Sheets, so be sure to purchase one of our Sets indicating an 18-20" inch Pocket Depth or contact us for Sets exceeding 20-22" inches.