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Italian Silk & Wool Blanket
$237.00 - $327.00

Masterfully crafted in Italy of the most superior Long-Yarn fibers, our 30% Silk & 70% Superfine Merino Lambswool Blanket will change the way you feel about resting, forever. Quite simply, you'll find none its equal. Just one touch of the sumptuous, incredibly soft surface and you'll be captivated. Unlike many manufacturers who use discard-grade fibers that are less than 1/2" in length, this Specialty Blanket is meticulously crafted in Italy in true artisan methods with the most expensive and supreme fibers available: an incredible 2.0" inches in length, 4 times the length of regular blankets. And our warmth level? Incredible 390 gram per square meter places this specialty blanket amongst the finest in the world. With good quality bed blankets approaching 180-200 gram weight, this Luxury Blanket offers unparalleled thickness in nearly double the gram weight. But this product won't weigh you down-the worlds' finest Silk and Superfine Lambswool is incredibly light to the touch and doesn't overly heavy to the touch. TWO OF THE WORLD'S FINEST MATERIALS IN ONE BLANKET-FOR UNPARALLELED SOFTNESS AND WARMTH ~ Comprised of 30% Pure Fine SILK and 70% Superfine MERINO Lambswool. Excellent for even the coldest of climates, providing unparalleled warmth for your body and bed. This extremely hard-to-find Luxury blanket, made entirely of 30% Fine Silk and 70% Ultra-Soft Merino Wool, will make it hard to get out of bed! If you've never experienced a blanket comprised entirely of some of the world's finest and warmest fibers available, you won't believe the difference!
8 Colors to choose from. Available in Twin, Full/Queen & King. Made in Italy.

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